Stolen Nights with the King by Sharon Kendrick

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London, Paris, New York…
Her jet-set fling with the king!

As a child, servant’s daughter Rosie Forrester adored her friend Prince Corso. Now he’s a high-and-mighty king? Not so much! Yet his demand that she attend an international royal tour with him can’t be denied—and neither can their chemistry!

Their passionate tryst can only ever be temporary—Corso has to marry a woman of noble blood. It’s a good thing virgin Rosie has vowed never to believe in the illusion of love. But as their time runs out, will their stolen nights together be enough?

The July of 2022 novels from the Harlequin Presents line all follows a bit of a fairy tale retelling.  Although not directly related within a series, they all carry the same theme of a modern-day fairy tale connection.

Titles in the Passionately Ever After theme include —  1: A Baby to Tame the Wolfe by Heidi Rice —♥—  2: Stolen Nights with the King by Sharon Kendrick —♥—  3: The Kiss She Claimed from the Greek by Abby Green —♥—  4: A Scandal Made at Midnight by Kate Hewitt —♥—  5: Cinderella in the Billionaire’s Castle by Clare Connelly —♥—  6: The Princess He Must Marry by Jadesola James —♥—  7: Undone by Her Ultra-Rich Boss by Lucy King —♥—  8: Her Secret Royal Dilemma by Chantelle Shaw —♥—

This title is also the beginning story in the Secrets of the Monerosso Throne series those titles include — Stolen Nights with the King —♥— Her Christmas Baby Confession —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Stolen Nights with the King
Series:  Passionately Ever After theme #2 (Secrets of the Monerosso Throne #1)
Author:  Sharon Kendrick
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  June 28, 2022
Publisher:  Harlequin Presents
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Rosie and Corso were once childhood friends, back in the day when the difference between a commoner and a prince didn’t seem to matter so much.  Corso was always at their home, comfortable with her family, as her father was a bit of a mentor to him, and she believed they were friends.  Fast forward a few years, Corso is a powerful prince now, those childhood visits are a distant memory, and somehow Rosie has an invitation to an important event.  She’d rather blend into the background for this is far from her comfort zone.  When she inadvertently overhears a stunning woman (who is Corso’s current arm candy) declaring to her friend that she is about to snag herself a prince by pretending to be pregnant and conveniently “losing” the baby after the wedding ring is on her hand and the crown on her head.  Enraged at what is planned for her old friend, Rosie will try to get the chance to speak to Corso but is brushed aside… until she makes a stand and forces Corso to speak to her.  Of course, he doesn’t seem to believe her but also it is announced that the King, his father, is dead, and Corso is whisked away to begin his duties as the new King.

Now, Rosie has her own career to tend to and financial woes to help her sister and mother deal with.  It’s not an easy life, but the choices are hers alone… until Corso arrived on her doorstep in the woods with an impossible proposition.

Stolen Nights with the King has one of the most arrogant, bullheaded, at times meanspirited men I’ve run into lately.  And since I read a lot, well, that’s saying something.  There is a lot that Rosie is kept in the dark about on this proposed tour with the King.  It is only the financial bonus at the conclusion of this tour that will change her mind about agreeing.  She’s finding very little about her old childhood friend in this stranger making his demands, but for the memory of that boy, and to help her mother Rosie will embark on an adventure that will change her life – and perhaps mellow an arrogant man as well.

I enjoyed their story and loved Rosie completely.  There are secrets, a few twists, definitely passion, and a growing love that needs some tending to before it can bloom and be returned back to Rosie.  There were moments of irony, times when I wanted to shake some sense into Corso, and I’m wicked enough to have enjoyed his groveling at one point in time.  Stolen Nights with the King is a very good set-up for the next story in this duet/series, Her Chrismas Baby Confession, where Rosie’s sister gets her romantic adventure.  If you love an arrogant hero, a trusting heroine, hidden agendas and twists, and a passionate romance then you’ll want to pick this one up soon.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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