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A Wish for the Single Dad Cowboy by April Murdock

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A young widower dedicated to his daughter and his dream job. The woman who followed him to college only to watch him fall for someone else. And the little girl who just might bring them together.

Luke Duncan dreamed of starting an organic farm as an addition to the family ranch, and now that dream is reality. But losing his wife before he could prove his idea has driven him to succeed. With Christmas drawing near, his ideas to support the holiday theme will either take him to the next level or embarrass him publicly.

Allie Patrick was so certain that if she got Luke away from their hometown, he’d finally see her as someone he could date. A real woman. She couldn’t have been more wrong. That truth still stings all these years later.

But now that Allie is teaching Luke’s daughter, Molly, in third grade, she has another chance. Teaching the child of your lifelong crush is a fine line to walk. When Molly grows close to Allie, Luke has no choice but to notice the woman his daughter has grown attached to.

Titles in the Christmas in Sweet Bloom Texas series include — A Wish For The Single Dad Cowboy —♥— A Wish For The Single Dad Sheriff —♥— A Wish For The Single Dad Veteran —♥— A Wish For The Single Dad Flyboy —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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