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Cowboy Ever After by Jennie Marts

Posted February 17, 2023 by Marsha in Closed Bedroom Doors, Contemporary Romance, Little to No Sexual Content (kissing), Modern Western Romance, NetGalley ARC, Small Town Romance, Standalone Single Title / 0 Comments

She’s writing a romance novel…

and he’s just like the hero in her story!

Kaylee Collins, a shy city-dweller, is writing a Western romance—and getting the details wrong. Her editor insists that Kaylee learn more about country life by spending a week at a working ranch. Kaylee reluctantly agrees as long as she can bring Gladys, her slightly overweight Corgi.

To rustle up her courage, Kaylee channels the spirit of the fearless heroine of her story. But she’s shocked when she meets Luke Montgomery—the spitting image of her handsome cowboy hero!

As far as Luke’s concerned, Kaylee’s books are pure fantasy. Love hurts, and he should know: he lost his wife a few years back. But he finds himself amused and then enchanted by this woman who bravely tries new things and whose heart seems to be as big as the Montana sky. Can they both dare to start a new chapter together?

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