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Standing My Ground

Posted October 21, 2023 by Marsha in Discussion / 2 Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, there has been quite a larger-than-life debate on some social platforms, mainly X (formerly known as Twitter), about leaving reviews for books.  Some comments are rather bizarre, others downright rude.  I try to stay out of these things; after all, it’s just an opinion, right?

But this time, I stepped in when I just could not stand the post that I originally commented on.  I mean, as you’ll see below, I interpreted it as very rude and condescending.  So, I spoke up.  Right or wrong, I added my opinion to the conversation.  I’ve gotten some likes from that action and some comments, but overall, I’m proud of myself for taking a stand… and stepping out of my comfort zone.

I am not going to identify the person who made the original post. (I won’t give them more power)  But I will copy/paste the original comment along with my replies to it and other posts that I was fired up about.  Looking back, and a bit calmer, I don’t know if commenting was the right thing to do, yet I’ve discovered that I’m not the only one who shares my thoughts about reviews… so I’m still glad I did it.

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