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The Rugged Cowboy by Macie St. James

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He has an ax to grind with his high school nemesis, and dating that nemesis’s younger sister might just be the revenge he needs.

Cassady Knott vowed a long time ago that she would never date a cowboy. It wasn’t a tough promise to keep, considering there are only seven cowboys in her town, and she’s related to three of them. It hasn’t come up all that much since she’s never seen a cowboy she found attractive. Until now.

Tucker Trotter left Cupid Ridge behind fifteen years ago. After a decade of traveling around the West as a wrangler, he’s forced to come home temporarily. Within minutes, he spots Cassady, the little sister of his high school nemesis, Phoenix. He comes up with a clever way to get revenge.

He might think Cassady has no idea what he’s doing, but she’s on to him. She likes the idea of getting back at her older brother for throwing his weight around all their lives. But over time, they both find themselves developing feelings that have nothing to do with their pretend relationship.

Titles in the Cupid Ridge Cowboys series include — The Grumpy Cowboy —♥— The Cautious Cowboy —♥— The Charismatic Cowboy —♥— The Rugged Cowboy —♥—

Titles in the connecting Cupid Ridge Dude Ranch series include — The Maverick Cowboy —♥— The Brokenhearted Cowboy —♥— The Scorned Cowboy —♥— The Sullen Cowboy —♥—

This is an adult romance that does not contain graphic violence, swearing, or sexual situations beyond kisses.

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