The Billionaire Cowboy’s Proposition by Kris Bock

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She’s ready to put on the performance of a lifetime.

Cody Tomlinson and Mallory Moore have struck sparks off of each other since high school theater, where she was sunny and talented while he was injured and angry. A decade later, Mallory is working to save Last Stand’s movie theater and convert it into a performance space for live theater and music. Thanks to his family’s lottery win, Cody has plenty of money to help. But Mallory’s the only woman in town who doesn’t want Cody’s charity.

It’s bad enough that Cody is sexy as sin with his tough, scarred cowboy looks. Now he’s rich, and Mallory refuses to be another woman fighting for his attention. She won’t accept a financial gift for her business, but she’s not above a fair trade. Mallory offers a deal: Cody can invest in the theater if he volunteers on the renovation. Meanwhile, she’ll play the part of his fiancée to ward off fortune hunters.

But Mallory immediately realizes her mistake. Cody’s always driven her crazy, and now they’re spending all their days—and nights—together.

Titles in The Accidental Billionaire Cowboys series include — The Billionaire Cowboy’s Christmas —♥— Charming the Billionaire Cowboy —♥— The Billionaire Cowboy’s Proposition —♥— A Baby for the Billionaire Cowboy —♥—

This is an adult romance that does not contain graphic violence, swearing, or sexual situations beyond kisses.

Tule Publishing ARC

Title:  The Billionaire Cowboy’s Proposition
Series:  The Accidental Billionaire Cowboys #3
Author:  Kris Bock
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  April 10, 2023
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4.5

The Billionaire Cowboy’s Proposition is the third novel in The Accidental Billionaire Cowboys series, and I believe Cody and Mallory’s romance is my favorite of this series (so far).  I probably shouldn’t have favorites, but it’s just amusing to me that the suddenly rich brothers are fighting off gold diggers, and along comes one woman who refuses to take any of Cody’s money.

Mallory won’t be one of “those” women.  She needs financial help to renovate the old movie theater into something brand new… but she won’t let Cody provide that funding with a check.  However.  She’s not above a trade of needs.  It might be unconventional, but she needs funding for her project, and he needs help keeping the flow of ladies looking to share in his assets far away.  He can help with the renovation as a volunteer, and she can pretend to be his fiancée for the moment.  Easy, right?  Not really.  Not when in order for this ruse to look real they’ll be spending a lot of time together… and even if he drives her up the wall, she’s determined to not fall for Cody.

Once again the touches of reality bring this story to another level.  Mallory and Cody each have some definite issues.  They’ve known each other for a long time, and some of those troubles stem from their younger years.  Watching them navigate a pretend romance with their history was an intriguing journey.  Their background stories are quite frankly fascinating, and they do reinforce the way this couple interacts with each other.  Neither really expected the attraction that built between them yet as the trust between them grew over time so did the falling in love.  Individually, Mallory and Cody are far from perfect, each has their own unique way of dealing with the world… yet together they work, they fit, and they are believable as a couple falling in love.

I have loved the Last Stand fictional town for a long time now, and it’s always a delight to run across familiar faces in different series within this world.  That’s what community is all about.  I had fun with this story and if you love a well-written, realistic, and believable romance between two people who aren’t always perfect but right for each other… then you’ll love this one.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Tule Publishing. The opinions expressed in this review are my own – good, bad, or indifferent.*

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