The Billionaire’s Last Minute Marriage by Amanda Cinelli

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He’s heir to an empire…if he can find a wife in time!

From personal assistant…
…to stand-in bride!

To inherit his birthright, Greek CEO Xander Mytikas needs to marry before his half-brothers do. With his first bride stolen at the altar, he needs a replacement, fast! Only the woman he holds responsible for ruining his wedding day will do…

Cautious Pandora agrees to transform herself from executive secretary to high-society wife—anything to make amends. A paper marriage for a year is the arrangement.

Until on their honeymoon in Japan, Xander’s touch sparks a level of desire neither is prepared for!

Titles in The Greeks’ Race to the Altar series include — Stolen in Her Wedding Gown The Billionaire’s Last-Minute Marriage

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  The Billionaire’s Last-Minute Marriage
Series:  The Greeks’ Race to the Altar #2
Author:  Amanda Cinelli
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  February 22, 2022
Publisher:  Harlequin Presents
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I’ve been waiting for Xander’s story… and it was so worth the wait!  The Billionaire’s Last-Minute Marriage takes us back to The Greeks’ Race to the Altar series with a sizzling, intense romance.  I was swept back into this world and loved every second of it, yes, even the uncomfortable ones with Xander acting like his tyrant of a biological father, Zeus.

As Xander watched his soon-to-be bride approach the building, hesitate to give him a slight head shake of “no”, and then ran away as fast as she could… with the paparazzi in hot pursuit he is furious.  He needed this business marriage-of-convenience to take place right now in order to inherit the business he considers his own, not something to be held up for grabs by his nasty piece of work deceased biological father available only to the half-brother who married and stayed married for a year first.  His anger was compounded to discover his personal assistant had up and quit which only proved to him that Pandora was the one to tip off the paparazzi of his impending wedding.  Now, adding insult to injury, he discovers her in his home, in the locked vault going through files obviously intending to steal even more from him.  He certainly didn’t expect to be locked in that vault with the thief or to find himself making her an offer that she had no hope of refusing… marry him right now and she could have the stolen file in her hand without him even knowing what was in it.  Go to jail or marriage, simple choice.

I feel if I talk about Pandora’s reasons I’ll be giving away some important spoilers.  So, let’s skip over that right to the intense, sizzling chemistry between Xander and Pandora right from the start.  Talk about flames!  Theirs was to be a marriage in name only, a threat held over Pandora’s head in order to get Xander what he wanted most, his inheritance.  But it slowly, steadily morphed into so much more and it was a delight to watch this couple peel away layers, get to the absolute truth, and really see each other for who they are, not what the world thinks they are.

Xander is the type of hero I always fall for.  Handsome, of course, but also driven by his own desires and the mistreatment of a parent who only knew how to get his children to compete against each other.  Not exactly a loving father.  I understood his reasons but also enjoyed watching him fall from his lofty tower.  I adored Pandora for so many reasons.  And I’m also so glad to see greater diversity in romance stories that include a person on the autism spectrum.  Pandora is a near-genius in many ways.  The ways she deals with her autism and the ways she’s learned to hide her tells are ingenious.  She was presented to us as a full person, completely able to be a romantic lead… and that is how it should be, so I was so happy to see her story be told.  Watching Xander see Pandora’s worth, not only to his business dealings but to him personally made my heart sing.  I love when the stubborn, mighty man falls hard and did he ever.  This is a couple you’ll want to meet.

If you love a powerful romance with a touch of humor, lots of sizzling chemistry, and a couple who are believable even at their worst… then The Billionaire’s Last-Minute Marriage is perfect for you.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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