The Cowboy’s Claim by Nina Crespo

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He’s discovered his leading lady.

The role of her dreams: in his arms.

Chloe Daniels is determined to land the role of a lifetime. Even if she’s terrified to get on a horse! And the last thing her reluctant teacher, Tristan Tillbridge, wants is to entertain a pampered actress.

But the enigmatic cowboy soon discovers that Chloe is as genuine as she is gorgeous, and he’s determined to make her his. Will this unlikely pair discover that the sparks between them are anything but an act?

Series – Tillbridge Stables = #1 The Cowboy’s Claim – #2 Her Sweet Temptation – #3 The Cowgirl’s Surprise

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.  The heat level isn’t off the charts, but it’s still a sexy relationship.

Title:  The Cowboy’s Claim
Series:  Tillbridge Stables #1
Author:  Nina Crespo
Romance Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Publication Date:  June 1, 2020
Star Rating:  4.5

The Cowboy’s Claim begins the Tillbridge Stables series with a couple that gets off to a very rocky start – as in, Tristan is ignoring Chloe’s need for training to the point where others around the ranch are doing what he’s supposed to which is teach Chloe to get beyond her fear of horses.

Chloe is an actress up for a role that could make all the difference in her career.  The trouble is the part is that of a stable manager and Chloe has a fear of horses.  She’s in Maryland at the Tillbridge Stables to get beyond that fear, to learn what it is that a stable manager actually does, and become comfortable around horses.  This prep work for the audition isn’t going as planned when, for whatever reason, the man who was supposed to be working with her fobs her off on others or outright ignores her.  Fine.  She’ll learn on her own, who needs the jerk’s help anyway.

Tristan has his hands full to overflowing at the ranch, especially when his cousin who owns it takes off leaving him to babysit a princess of an actress pretending to be a stable manager.  A role that Tristan has done every day for years now… in real life.  Between family issues, needing to be everywhere on the ranch at once, the last thing he needs is to be shadowed by a woman who draws him in a way he’s not all that comfortable with.  Especially when he sees how Chloe is helping all around the ranch, how the other people there are friendly with her, and teaching her the ropes… like he should be doing.  Maybe his impression of this beautiful lady was way off track from the start.

It barely improves Tristan’s mood when he realizes that his attraction to Chloe is returned, and they move beyond enemies to so much more.

I liked both Chloe and Tristan.  Yes, they both had issues, and some were handled poorly but at the core I liked them.  I’m really hoping that several characters we met will have their own stories told in time, the secondary cast was amazing and brought The Cowboy’s Claim to life for me.

I own a Kindle edition of The Cowboy’s Claim.


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