The Cowboy’s Sweet Redemption by Kacy Cross

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In order to finish her doctorate, grad student Delilah Kersey needs a job. Any job. So when she overhears a gorgeous rancher describing a job opportunity, she’s all in—if she can convince him she’s a real dog trainer. Of course, no one prepared Delilah for a chaotic household with four unruly dogs and a sexy new boss whose bedroom is right next door to hers.

Military vet Zero Renshaw’s return to civilian and family ranch life hasn’t been easy. He needs to transform four horrible dogs—who can only be described as a menace—into obedient cattle herders. But with his family still reeling from a shattering loss, Zero will do anything to make things better…even hiring an unpredictable dog trainer who’s more temptation than he can resist.

Now Delilah is transforming every aspect of Zero’s tightly-regimented life. She even seems to be healing his family, including his small, broken-hearted nephew. But Zero has no room for mistakes…even if he’s falling for the best one he’s ever made.

This is a romance that includes no swearing, no violence, and no sexual content (beyond a few kisses).

NetGalley ARC

Title:  The Cowboy’s Sweet Redemption
Author:  Kacy Cross
Genre:  Contemporary Romance (Sweet)
Published:  July 11, 2022
Publisher:  Entangled Publishing
My Rating:  4

The Cowboy’s Sweet Redemption is one of those stories that will make you smile, maybe shake your head a little bit, and offers up several rambunctious dogs while also giving a healing touch to some folks who need that badly.

Delilah needs to find a job quickly since her funding to continue her studies hasn’t arrived yet.  A little bit desperate and a whole lot determined, she’s overheard a cowboy talk about the need to train some dogs.  Well, how hard could that be, considering her family connections?  Perhaps harder than she expected.

Zero has returned from the military to the family ranch where everything is up in arms, emotions are running high, and it feels like a task he can’t complete on his own.  His family’s been through some rough times, and maybe hiring a dog trainer who doesn’t really seem like a trainer of any kind might have been grasping at straws.  But Zero’s a bit desperate right now, and Delilah does seem to have a way with not only unruly dogs but his family as well.  Maybe things might be looking up… or maybe there’s a whole lot more in store for this couple than they ever expected.

I had fun with The Cowboy’s Sweet Redemption.  A story that will tug on your heartstrings, a couple that fits even though they are far more different than they first realize, and a family in need of some hope, some help, some healing, and a unique type of woman to bring them all together again.  Oh, and don’t forget some out-of-control herding dogs that eventually wrap just about everyone around their paws.  I’ll admit that there were times when I wanted to set these two down for a stern conversation, but it all worked out in the end.  I enjoyed myself here, and that’s the whole point.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are my own – good, bad, or indifferent.*

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