The DIY Groom by Lori Wilde & Pan Andrews Hanson

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It was supposed to have been his twin, Cole, refurbishing cabinets on the trendy cable show, but when his brother has a scheduling conflict, Zack Bailey gets drafted to replace him. Never one to court the limelight, Zack wants nothing more than to get this TV malarkey over with and return to his construction company.

The host of Do It Herself, Megan Danbury, is no more thrilled to have the grumpy carpenter on set than he is to be there. From the moment they lay eyes on each other, they clash like dogs and donkeys. Megan is certain the contentious taping is a rank disaster, but their onscreen animosity turns out to be a hit with audiences, and now her boss insists she must persuade Zack to cohost the show.

Zack wants to say ‘no’ but finding out Megan could lose her job if he doesn’t, convinces him to agree and the next thing he knows, Zach finds himself hankering to become Megan’s DIY groom…

Series – Wrong Way Weddings = #1 The Groom Wager – #2 The DIY Groom – #3 The Stand-in Groom – #4 The Royal Groom – #5 The Makeshift Groom –

Title:  The DIY Groom
Series:  Wrong Way Weddings #2
Author:  Lori Wilde & Pam Andrews Hanson
Romance Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  February 14, 2020
Star Rating:  4

The DIY Groom continues the Wrong Way Weddings series with Cole’s (from The Groom Wager) twin brother, Zach, and his crazy, complicated journey to his happy ending… if he doesn’t mess it up.

Zach is sorta forced into standing in for his brother on a Do It Yourself program.  It’s not his thing, he resents having to be there in the first place and really doesn’t care one little bit about how he’s representing himself or the construction company he co-owns with Cole.

Megan also doesn’t want this annoying, superior because he has the male chromosome person on her set.  She really doesn’t have a choice, but Zach ticks every single one of her “can’t stand the jerk” buttons.  But for some unexplainable reason, her audience loves the sarcastic banter between them… go figure.

Watching this couple fight first impressions, their natural need to be “the boss”, and the craziness of falling in love with the last person you ever expected was a combination of delightful and contentious.  There were moments when I adored each of them – and moments when I wanted to smack people upside the head, having no hope that they would ever get to that happy ending.  But they managed it with a lot of heat, sarcasm, bantering, and maybe a bit of help from friends and family.  To be frank, of the twins, I liked Cole better, but that’s me.

I own a Kindle edition of The DIY Groom.


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