The Ex Upstairs by Maureen Child

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She never knew she’d go this far

to keep her enemy this close!

When CEO Henry Porter snaps up a coveted property, Amanda Carey declares war on her ex-lover and business rival.

Posing as a maid in his Beverly Hills mansion is the perfect way to tease out his corporate secrets.

But before long, her brilliant plan lands her in Henry’s bed again.

With her cover blown, Amanda realizes her entire future is riding on the man who seems determined to ruin her… Or is he about to turn the tables yet again?

Titles in the Dynasties: The Carey Center series include — The Ex Upstairs – Ways to Win an Ex – The Wrong Mr. Right – One Little Secret –

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  The Ex Upstairs
Series:  Dynasties: The Carey Center #1
Author:  Maureen Child
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  September 28, 2021
Publisher:  Harlequin Desire
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Sometimes the beginning title of a new series will ease me into the world… other times I’m tossed in with a delightful crash smack into a couple’s (and a family’s) turbulent past, their tumultuous present, and their uncertain future (which we all know will eventually be a happy ending).  But, oh, the journey to get to that HEA for Amanda and Henry is intense, sizzlingly sexy, and emotional on so many fronts.  So begins my adventure in the Dynasties: The Carey Center series with The Ex Upstairs.

I really want to gush about this story for I loved it so much – but I also have to be mindful that there is a lot of information in this first story that I won’t be talking about in this review because to say too much would ruin this story for you, and I won’t do that.  But, yeah, this series opener grabbed me by the heart and now I need all of the rest of the series… right now.  (I wish).

One decade ago a single event turned a best friend against a best friend, caused a rift between families, and single-handedly destroyed a budding love between two equally strong, stubborn people.  In silence, a war has been going on and it’s about to finally come to a head – destroy or restore, that’s in the hands of Amanda and Henry now.  To be fair, it’s been a war between Henry and Bennett with casualties along the way, mainly Amanda… and she has had enough.

While I loved every moment in The Ex Upstairs, it also brought something else into focus – and that’s just how important talking to each other really is.  For Henry and Amanda a simple, quick conversation ten years ago would have saved them so much heartache (but denied us a fantastic story), just sayin’.  Frankly, my grandmother would have smacked both Bennett and Henry upside the head for their actions, and they would have deserved that loving smack.

There is a chapter in The Ex Upstairs that simply gutted me with its lightbulb moment, the emotions that screamed out from the pages, and the knowledge of complete and utter heartbreak yet again for Amanda.  My heart broke for her and for Henry.  I don’t recall being so destroyed by what a character was going through in a very long time.  That scene alone captured my heart for this entire series, right then.  Am I being purposefully vague?  Why, yes, yes I am for you need to experience this story firsthand, I won’t steal that enjoyment from you.

I adored Serena and can’t wait for her story.  Mr. & Mrs. Carey are delightful especially on the “retirement plan” that someone (ahem, Mr.) just isn’t getting on board with yet.  Justin is still a lone wolf but he intrigues me.  And Bennett.  Oh, I cannot wait for this arrogant man to have his heart captured, and perhaps an attitude adjustment is in store as well.  I don’t think Bennett is a bad guy, I do think he’s full of himself, overworked trying to be everywhere in the company at once, and needs someone to love him… but that will come.  I do hope we see more of Amanda and Henry as secondary characters in the rest of the series, I don’t want to lose track of how their lives together are progressing.

In all, I had a blast in this opening title for Dynasties: The Carey Center and would definitely recommend it to any reader who loves a heartbreaking romance as you watch the healing take place and wrongs being turned right.  I can’t wait for what comes next in this world.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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