The Groom Wager by Lori Wilde & Pam Andrews Hanson

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Get Married or Else!

Cole Bailey’s eccentric billionaire grandfather issues an edict. If his grandsons don’t settle down soon, he’ll sell the controlling interest in the family business. After losing a coin toss to his twin brother, Zach, Cole’s gotta go first. On the hunt for a bride, Cole crashes a high society wedding and comes face-to-face with his high school pal, Tess Morgan.

The formerly shy, overweight bookworm is no longer the pushover who did Cole’s homework for him. At the reception, Tess goads him into a game of pool. Just to keep things interesting, Cole suggests a wager. If he wins, she must help him find the perfect woman to wed.

Losing the bet is one thing, but playing matchmaker for the heartthrob who still causes her pulse to race is another matter entirely. Does Tess stand a chance of convincing Cole that she’s the one he’s been waiting for all along?

Series – Wrong Way Weddings = #1 The Groom Wager – #2 The DIY Groom – #3 The Stand-in Groom – #4 The Royal Groom – #5 The Makeshift Groom

Title:  The Groom Wager
Series:  Wrong Way Weddings #1
Author:  Lori Wilde & Pan Andrews Hanson
Romance Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  January 15, 2020
Star Rating:  4.5

I had such a chuckling good time with The Groom Wager which begins the Wrong Way Weddings series.  Talk about no clue whatsoever!  Cole!  Wake up and look around you!  Which he did… eventually.

Cole’s grandfather has set forth a deadline – get yourself married or he’s selling off the controlling interest in their family business, the one where his mother sits on the board.  So, the grandkids need to get married – and Cole loses the toss with his twin Zach as to who goes to the altar first.  Lucky Cole.

Now I don’t know that a high-society wedding is a perfect place to look for a wife, but that’s where Cole headed.  And who should he run into but his old high school friend, Tess – and she has changed quite a bit since those good old days.  Goaded into a game of pool these two will make their own wager (seems like lots of betting going on here).

Tess can’t believe she lost that damned bet and now she has to find wife material ladies for Cole to date.  The height of humiliation since she crushed so hard on this man years ago, back when she was shy, overweight, and not the least bit outgoing.  Seems that crush is still firmly in place but getting Cole to look at her as a possible wife feels like an impossible dream.  Unless… he gets a little bit of help.

Will Cole wise up enough to see the perfect gem of a wife who has been right in front of him all this time?  Hopefully.

I had such a good time with The Groom Wager.  Cole and Tess are fun together, they felt realistic, and watching Cole’s eyes be opened was just priceless.  I had fun.  And I’ll definitely be following this series.

I own a Kindle edition of The Groom Wager.


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