The Inheritance Test by Anne Marsh

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Could the partnership that should save his reputation

cause the scandal of her lifetime?

To save his inheritance, Declan Masterson needs to fix his playboy image—fast! Partnering with plain, respectable Charlotte Palsgrave for a charity yacht race is a genius first step, no matter how much she initially dislikes him. Charlotte is from an established family without a hint of scandal. Or so he thinks…

At first, they can barely speak to one another, let alone sail a boat together. And then he has the nerve to suggest she needs a makeover! But when the two become shipwrecked, they may discover just how much opposites can attract…

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  The Inheritance Test
Series: -standalone-
Author:  Anne Marsh
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  January 24, 2023
Publisher:  Harlequin Desire
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I was easily swept up in The Inheritance Test as Declan and Charlotte battle for the lead in their unlikely partnership.  In the end, working together gets everything done, but they need to learn that lesson along the way.

Declan is tired of being under his adopted father’s thumb.  He might have the reputation as nothing more than a handsome playboy, according to the tabloids, but he’s actually a hardworking actor intent on making his own mark with his production company.  He’s brazenly agreed to the demands of his father with a counter-demand of his own.  Should he win, then he’ll get what he’s worked for (and put up with an ungrateful parent) all of these years.  Should he lose, well, he’ll deal with that since he cannot believe he’ll fail, after all, he’s earned his reputation as a lady’s man; surely he can help a woman win this yacht race and walk away with the prize.  Overconfidence will often be the downfall of any man… even Declan.

Charlotte has to win this race. Even though she’s petrified of being out on the water, it’s the only way that she can return the money that her ex stole from her charity (and from her).  She’d made the mistake of trusting the wrong man, giving him too much power, and she’s paying for that… or at least trying to with the determination to win this race.  All she needs is a partner, but she never expected Declan or the impact he would have on her life.

Watching this couple fight, struggle to be the one in control, and ultimately fall in love was such a delightful journey.  I adored Charlotte, and she’s been through so much, yet she’s so much more than she believes herself to be.  I loved seeing her relationship with Declan, in all ways, bring out that strong woman she’s been hiding.  Declan won my heart early on, mainly with his ability to see through Charlotte’s shell that she surrounds herself with.  Oh, he’s not above dealing a bit dirty, but not in a mean way, yet in a way that gets things done.  I liked them individually, and I really loved them together.  There are more than a few surprises in store for this couple as they navigate a yacht race and a transformation, and believing in the attraction growing between them.  I had fun here, and that’s the whole point.

If you love a well-written romance with likable, believable characters, a bit of competition, some steamy moments, and a couple that really does belong together, then The Inheritance Test would be a perfect partner for you.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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