The Maid Married to the Billionaire by Lynne Graham

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From runaway to housekeeper…

to the Italian’s wife!

When Enzo stops to help a broken-down car, he’s shocked by his discovery. Skye is frightened, on the run, and with tiny siblings in tow. Enzo’s honor dictates he offers them sanctuary and Skye a job. But could their simmering attraction solve another problem—his need for a bride?

Skye urgently needs a fresh start…and Enzo already makes her blood pound and her skin tingle. Yet, can she marry a man she’s only just met? Joining the enigmatic billionaire at the convenient altar will require the ultimate leap of faith!

Titles in the Cinderella Sisters for Billionaires series include — The Maid Married to the Billionaire —♥— The Maid’s Pregnancy Bombshell —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.


Title:  The Maid Married to the Billionaire
Series/Duet:  Cinderella Sisters for Billionaires #1
Author:  Lynne Graham
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  July 25, 2023
Publisher:  Harlequin Presents
My Rating:  4.5

The Maid Married to the Billionaire begins the Cinderella Sisters for Billionaires duet with a completely opposite couple, one rich and entitled, the other barely surviving an abusive relationship who has custody of her half-siblings after their parent’s death.  It’s hard to imagine two people who come from such far different families or circumstances.  A confession: I fell in love with the cover long before I fell for Enzo and Skye… which I soon did after starting their story, but that cover drew me to purchase it, to begin with, another example of the power of a compelling cover.

When we first meet Enzo, he is the embodiment of arrogance and entitlement, a rich playboy living a charmed life with no care for anything but getting his own way.  He’s in this small town to revamp a property his family recently purchased.  It means possible layoffs, some firings, and major changes to a business that really is the heart of this community, as most of the employees are locals.  This unwanted duty of revamping this business is an annoyance to him.  Something to get done and move on.  He’s not very nice, to begin with.  This is why I enjoyed his journey so much, as we see that arrogance fall away with his interactions with Skye and her young siblings.  By the story’s end, Enzo will be a far different person, and it was fascinating to me to watch that unfold.

I adored Skye from the start.  Yes, she’s made mistakes and misjudgments about a man who should have protected her and, instead, ended up being so far from the man she believed him to be.  It’s so easy to sit in judgment of someone who finds themselves in an abusive relationship.  Skye is responsible (along with her sister) for caring for their half-siblings after their parents’ deaths.  They are too young to realize how their world is now upended truly… and Skye did break free, did run when the chance presented itself.  Don’t judge until you, yourself, have walked in someone’s shoes.  It’s rare for any abuser to show their true colors early on in a relationship – but now that Skye knows what her former boyfriend is capable of, she’s on the run… until her car breaks down and Enzo reluctantly comes to her rescue.

I loved watching this couple fall in love, redefine their personal lives, and heal from the past… for both of them, each in their own unique way.  Enzo became a man who clearly could change himself, who did see his former actions and made the changes that were necessary to make a life with Skye.  If you love a well-written, emotional journey for both the hero and the heroine and a hard-fought-for happily ever after… then you’d love this one.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

UPDATE:  I believe this story will be split between readers who loved it and readers who are more focused on victim-shaming Skye.  That’s sad, frankly, but I’m seeing that very clearly in the reviews I’ve read.  While it is true that no two people ever read the same book… I had hoped by now that we were beyond blaming an abused person for the actions of their abuser.  It seems we are not.

I found Skye to be incredibly brave.  She got out; she got her siblings out safely as well.  And she’s rebuilding her life, doing the things she needs to do to ensure that they all are safe.  I cannot fault her for any of her actions.

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