The Prosecutor by Nichole Severn

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If she wins her case

…she could lose her life.

Prosecuting the notorious Rip City Bomber, pregnant Deputy DA Madison Gray is stunned to find Marshal Jonah Watson as her security detail.

He’s the child’s father, but circumstances forced her to walk away months ago.

Then a series of bombings threatens Madison, and she reluctantly must trust the one man she vowed never to depend on.

Titles in the Marshal Law series include – The Fugitive – The Witness – The Prosecutor –The Suspect –

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.



Title:  The Prosecutor
Series:  Marshal Law #3
Author:  Nichole Severn
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Publication Date:  March 1, 2021
Rating:  4.5 stars

The Prosecutor is the third title in the Marshal Law series, and this one is a grip the edge of your seat roller coaster ride from start to finish.

Madison is about to face the most important case of her career (so far) in the desire, no, the need to put the Rip City Bomber behind bars for the rest of their days on Earth.  Nothing is as important as seeing justice done or knowing a vile person can no longer hurt anyone… but is that a fact or simply not knowing all the pertinent details just yet?  When a bomb goes off in the courtroom with the bomber suspect sitting right there at the time it went off, well, there are more questions to be asked than anyone could have expected.

Jonah and Madison have a history, work-related yes, but one that also crossed over into their personal lives with Maddi becoming pregnant – and immediately pushing Jonah away declaring that she was fully capable and intended to raise their child on her own without his involvement.  To say that Jonah was hurt beyond belief would be an understatement, yet he is also a man who will not push himself where he is not wanted and reluctantly agreed to Maddi’s decision.  But today Jonah’s skills as a former bomb tech and his job as her protector are more important than Madison’s discomfort at seeing him or working with him during the trial.  And in the coming hours and days, Maddi is going to need Jonah’s expert experience as more bombings occur and direct danger pulls Maddi into situations that endanger her and their unborn child.

I fell hard for Jonah.  He ticks off all the hero-ish, I wish he was real and in my life boxes for me.  He’s sexy as sin, caring, capable, will put Madison’s wishes before his own even when that causes him heartache and confusion.  He forgives without drawing things out or making someone “pay” for hurting him.  Simply put, Jonah is one sexy good guy and Madison was a fool for pushing him away (in my opinion).  Now, Madison frustrated me on several levels, yet her strengths gave me glimpses into the woman she could become if she’d let the past go and live in the now or plan for a future with Jonah.  It took me longer to warm up to or understand Maddi, but eventually, she won me over.

The Prosecutor is full of intrigue, questions, twists, and turns that always lead to surprise information.  It’s an intricate puzzle that you’ll find yourself trying to fit awkward pieces into before finally finding the right fit.  I don’t intend to give any of that part of this story away, it’s definitely best experienced firsthand.  I was easily and quickly caught up in Madison’s and Jonah’s story while enjoying their out-of-control journey from the first page to the last.  If you love a suspenseful mystery with that special touch of romance and answers withheld until the very end… then you’ll want to pick up The Prosecutor or the entire Marshal Law series for yourself.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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