The Rancher’s Forever Family by Sasha Summers

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She was looking for a rescue…

But he’s the one who was saved.

Sergeant Hayden Mitchell’s mission: give every canine veteran the perfect forever home.

But when it comes to Sierra, a sweet Labrador, Hayden isn’t sure Lizzie Vega fits the bill. Her PTSD and city lifestyle raise concerns, even as her vulnerability—and gorgeous eyes—draws him closer.

When a storm leaves her stranded at his ranch, the hardened ex-military man wonders if Lizzie is the perfect match for Sierra…and him…

Titles in the Texas Cowboys & K-9s series include — The Rancher’s Forever Family – Their Rancher Protector –



Title:  The Rancher’s Forever Family
Series:  Texas Cowboys & K-9s #1
Author:  Sasha Summers
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Publication Date:  April 27, 2021
Rating:  4 stars

The Rancher’s Forever Family begins the Texas Cowboys & K-9s series with a touching, realistic, and emotional romance for Hayden and Lizzie.  There are roadblocks and potholes ahead on this journey to a happy ending, yet the adventure of getting there grabbed my own emotions and never let go until the ending.

Hayden is a single father, a former military soldier who was responsible for the training of K-9 military dogs and their handlers.  He’s still looking out for those very special K-9 dogs by finding the perfect home for the retired from service (for various reasons) dogs.  He’s running the family ranch, raising his toddler son, Weston, and still working with the animals he loves – it’s a good life, but one that’s about to get more complicated with the arrival of Lizzie who is searching for the right dog to help her deal with PTSD.

Lizzie is such a complex yet simple character.  She’d had a full, rewarding life before one event that shot her into PTSD like a rocket.  And it’s completely understandable why it did.  However, that portion of this story should be discovered by each reader on their own.  Right now, as we begin, we know that Lizzie is subject to severe panic attacks to the point of paralyzing her in place.  Her therapist believes that one of the retired dogs from the program that Hayden works with would be a good fit for Lizzie.  In fact, Hayden already has one very special lady, Sierra, in mind for Lizzie – it’s up to Sierra and Lizzie to discover if they connect on a level that each can help the other.  Hayden won’t give a dog into a situation that isn’t going to become a forever home as he is very protective of these retired military dogs.

Combine the unpredictable weather of Texas, the rural location of this small town and the ranch, and rain, lots and lots of rain then you have the backdrop for disaster or the beginnings of a lifetime together.  When one adorable little toddler full of mischief, giggles, and snuggles who steals every single scene he’s in is added to the mix you have an emotional, fast falling romance that grips your heart.  Hayden and Lizzie fall for each other quickly, with her dealings with panic attacks, being cut off, and staying at the ranch because of washed-out roads, this couple is thrust together in a way that pushes timelines to the side.

It’s a quick but believable coming together for them, an unexpected chance at love for two people who certainly weren’t looking but found each other under extremely intense circumstances.  The Rancher’s Forever Family delivers a story that feels realistic, has moments of lighthearted laughter, and times of paralyzing fear.  I was easily caught up in Lizzie and Hayden’s story and enjoyed my time in this world.  I will definitely return when Their Rancher Protector releases in July 2021.

I own a Kindle edition of this story.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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