The Secret That Can’t Be Hidden by Caitlin Crews

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Their desire cannot be concealed…
And neither can her baby bump!

Kendra Connolly has never forgotten her first, fleeting encounter with billionaire Balthazar Skalas. When they meet again, she gives in to temptation—completely. It’s a decision made in the heat of the moment that has life-changing consequences…

Balthazar didn’t expand his empire by being weak. The need he feels for Kendra is a liability, and the discovery that she’s carrying his heir merely increases her power over him.

Can this ruthless Greek be strong enough to let himself love her?

Titles in the Rich, Ruthless & Greek duet include — The Secret That Can’t Be Hidden — Her Deal with the Greek Devil

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  The Secret That Can’t Be Hidden
Series (Duet):  Rich, Ruthless & Greek #1
Author:  Caitlin Crews
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  April 1, 2021
Rating:  4 stars

The Secret That Can’t Be Hidden begins the Rich, Ruthless & Greek duet with a sizzlingly sensuous tale of ruthless revenge that turns out far differently than Balthazar could have ever predicted.

Balthazar and Kendra’s story began years before, even before that first meeting at her family’s event.  No, it really began years earlier when Kendra’s father seduced Balthazar’s (and Constantine’s) mother when they were younger and under the cruel control of a father who showed no emotion nor mercy.  That’s when the beginning of the idea of revenge, definitely best served cold, took shape.  Balthazar didn’t know when, or yet how, but he knew without a doubt that he’d have his revenge on the Connolly scum.  It wasn’t until a chance meeting with Kendra, a smoldering, unforgettable meeting that Balthazar knew exactly how he’d play out his revenge… and personally enjoy it all the more for this woman’s involvement in it.  Revenge doesn’t have to be swift, but well planned, all the intricate parts well thought out, and the final execution perfection should have been enough for Balthazar.  He is a man trapped in his own revenge plot discovering, perhaps too late, exactly what he’s about to destroy.

Kendra knew that her family had no true use for her, she is mostly invisible to her father, mother, and brother… until, of course, she’s needed for something.  She knew the cruelness of her father, the indifference of her mother, the vileness of her brother, and yet, still, she needed a way to be important to them.  She never could have imagined what her father and brother would expect of her – not ask but expect her to do in order to keep her brother out of prison for his actions against Balthazar.

One magical night one man changed her without knowing or caring.  An unexpected encounter, a smoldering experience, and a rejection… all in under an hour, Kendra’s perception of herself changed.  She would do this for her family, there really was no choice, but she would do it on her terms even though those terms of hers were wildly naive.

The Secret That Can’t Be Hidden is dark, intense, sexy, and so emotional – although many of those emotions are self-imposed revenge-based emotions of Balthazar.  There is very little to like about Balthazar as we begin this story.  His cruelty almost matches that of his father but on a different level and approach.  Kendra was certainly naive, yet she had her own defense armor that she often drew around herself.

While I enjoyed Kendra and Balthazar’s story there were times when the internal monologs got in the way of staying in the story.  We’ll see the blinders come off of Balthazar but it really is well into the story before I had a hope of a happy resolution for this couple.  The epilogue was the gem of this one… ten years in the future we get a good look at where love, real love has taken them and it is a loving, emotional way to end The Secret That Can’t Be Hidden.

Next, we move onto Constantine and Molly in Her Deal with the Greek Devil.

I own a Kindle edition of this story.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.



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