Their Marriage Bargain by Shannon McKenna

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From lovers to enemies to…

husband and wife?

CEO Caleb Moss needs a business arrangement marriage to keep the controlling interest of MossTech. Tilda Riley must prevent a hostile takeover of her family company—and protect the daughter Caleb has never met. The only solution is for these oil-and-water exes to join forces.

Until desire turns a marriage on paper into a hotbed of passion. Their child binds the newlyweds together. But a vengeful enemy bent on their mutual destruction is sowing seeds of doubt and betrayal that could tear Tilda and Caleb apart—this time forever.

Titles in the Dynasties: Tech Tycoons series include — Their Marriage Bargain —♥— The Marriage Mandate —♥— How to Marry a Bad Boy —♥— Married by Midnight —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Their Marriage Bargain
Series:  Dynasties: Tech Tycoons #1
Author:  Shannon McKenna
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  July 26, 2022
Publisher:  Harlequin Desire
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Their Marriage Bargain begins the Dynasties: Tech Tycoons series with an emotionally intense reunion of ex-lovers who did not part on the best of terms, in any sense of that phrase, more like enemies than lovers now… but there is more at stake for them both in this series opening story.

For me, Their Marriage Bargain has all the elements that drew me to Romance in the first place.  Two people who were once a couple, one perhaps more emotionally engaged than the other, yet when things turn rough they go their separate ways – not without some serious emotional damage and one secret discovered far too late to change anything for them.  Skip forward nine years and both are facing challenges in their business lives, and thanks to Caleb’s grandmother, their personal lives as well.  It seems that Gran, who once was the head of their tech company, has laid down some stipulations for her two grandsons and one granddaughter.  Marry before a certain age or lose their role in the company that their grandfather built and see the company given over to someone who will tear it apart.  It would be easy to dislike his grandmother for her actions, yet I did understand where she’s coming from in her decisions, harsh though they might be.  Caleb is up first… and he’s not prepared for the surprises that await him.

Tilda has returned home to care for her ill father who is recovering from heart issues and try to save the company he built from a hostile takeover by Caleb’s group.  She hasn’t forgotten Caleb at all, how could she when she looks into their daughter’s eyes every single day?  But she’s ready to fight him on this no matter what she must use to protect her father and his company.  She didn’t count on several factors, mainly his shock at the discovery of a daughter he never knew existed… or his grandmother’s way of setting the record straight until there is no way except her way in the end.  A marriage of convenience is one thing, merging their companies so that no jobs are lost is important but she will never trust him with her heart ever again… or so she thought.

There was not a single thing that I did not like about this story.  Tilda and Caleb are realistic, believable, and older now so it’s quite easy to believe that those embers can be relit with time and they certainly have the attraction and sizzle to make it possible.  I adored Annika, she’s one smart, funny, precious, precocious little girl who is ecstatic about discovering her father and extended family.  Watching father and daughter learn about each other, and find their own unique love was a bonus in this story.  Caleb needed to open up himself to possibilities once again.  Yes, something major happened around the time he and Tilda broke up… but only if he can find his way to trusting her again with absolutely everything will he find his own happy ending.

There are twists and turns, and definitely, a bad guy or two here to keep readers on their toes wondering when the house of cards is about to fall for them all.  I had a blast in this world once again (think Maddox Hill series) and cannot wait to dive into the next story.  If you love a solid, good, almost classic romance with believable characters, some depth to the plot, secondary characters who bring more into their world, and a couple that obviously belong together they just have to work out that detail along the way… then you’d love Their Marriage Bargain and getting started on this new series.

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