Their Unbreakable Bond by Deb Kastner

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His life has skidded off the tracks…

Can she help him start over?

Training avalanche rescue dogs with his best friend’s sister, Felicity Winslow, was never in Stone Keller’s plans.

But after a reckless motorcycle accident ends his rodeo career, he has nowhere to go but home to Colorado.

Working with the dogs—and Felicity—could be exactly what he needs to put the pieces of his life back together. 

Titles in the K-9 Companions – multi-author series include — Their Unbreakable Bond by Deb Kastner – Finding Her Way Back by Lisa Carter –The Veteran’s Vow by Jill Lynn – Her Easter Prayer by Lee Tobin McClain – Earning Her Trust by Brenda Minton – Guarding His Secret by Jill Kemerer – An Unlikely Alliance by Toni Shiloh – The Cowboy’s Journey Home by Linda Goodnight –

Their Unbreakable Bond, which features the youngest Winslow sister, Felicity, is also connected to Ms. Kastner’s Rocky Mountain Family series which includes — The Black Sheep’s Salvation – Opening Her Heart – The Marine’s Mission

Title:  Their Unbreakable Bond
Series:  K-9 Companions #1
Author:  Deb Kastner
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  December 28, 2021 (Release Month: January 2022)
Publisher:  Harlequin Books (Love Inspired)
My Rating:  4 stars

Their Unbreakable Bond begins the K-9 Companions multi-author series with a touching story of young crushes, youthful recklessness along with heartaches, and growing up to find out that your special someone was right under your nose all the time.  Although Felicity’s story begins this series, she is the fourth Winslow sister to find her happily ever after future – those earlier stories are in the Rocky Mountain Family series by this author should you want to go back to those stories (if you haven’t already read them).  I happen to love stories with connections, which is why I mention them so often… I can’t be the only one, right?

Stone’s need for an adrenaline rush has finally ended his rodeo time after a motorcycle accident ended a career he loved.  He’s back home, temporarily working on his best friends’ Christmas tree operation until he figures out what he’s going to do next.  Felicity’s young crush on Stone from their high school days comes rushing back into memory when he shows up for work at the family business.  She’s got no time for men who take unnecessary risks after the death of a former boyfriend.  Yet she and Stone keep getting pushed together, innocently enough, but that closeness is bringing back embarrassing memories… and thoughts of a future that she cannot trust in ever again.  She should just stick to her work with the family business and her search dogs along with the dedication she’s working on to get her avalanche search/rescue certification… but in spite of his often reckless actions, Stone has matured into a man she could get serious about yet is afraid of the actions he still takes that endanger him at times.  She will not lose another man she loves to an unreasonable need for that adrenaline rush – but tell that to her heart.

I enjoyed Stone and Felicity’s journey to lasting love.  Each needs a few lessons in changing their attitude, and yet both are exactly what the other needs in their lives should they be willing to take a risk on a future together.  A well-written, smooth story, Their Unbreakable Bond delivers a lovely couple, dedicated yet playful dogs, and gave me a few lessons in avalanche rescues.  I had a good time back in this world.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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