Time, It’s Always About Time

Posted April 20, 2023 by Marsha in Discussion / 0 Comments

I often wish there were more hours in the day, mainly so that I could fit in all the books I’ve been meaning to read.  Or.. occasionally, the ones that got lost in the shuffle of other books and life in general.  Especially in a year that had more than its fair share of health concerns for me or my family members.  Oh, well.  It is what it is, as the saying goes.

I love novels from Tule Publishing; they so often over the years have allowed me to have ARCs of some really good stories or series that I’m still to this day caught up in.  But, honestly, this one got past me somehow.  When I mess up, I own it and don’t try to push it under the rug.  So, somehow I messed up with The Accidental Billionaire Cowboy series.  Looking back I can see the first release coincided with my hospital stay very late last year.  It’s a reason, not an excuse, I cannot go back, but can only do the right thing now.

The next three reviews you’ll see on my Happily Ever After Romance website are the three (so far) titles in that series.  I read them over this past weekend to get up-to-date, and now the reviews are going live.

I didn’t have to acknowledge this mistake of mine by creating a post about it.  Yet, as I said it was my mistake, and I own that mistake by trying to make it right… even if it is a bit late.  Sometimes, you just gotta do the right thing, ya know? 🙂


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