Tule Romance 2023

I love a good Romance, to be swept away to another place is an escape that I cannot get enough of — which is why I love Tule Publishing’s romances so very much.  I’ve read them and followed deep series and light-hearted single titles with equal enjoyment.

But, honestly, it’s the series that really brings me back to Tule as often as possible.  I’ve been lucky enough to get ARCs from Tule but I’ve also bought almost as many to get caught up or a book within a series that I missed.

For health concern reasons, I reducing what I’m committing myself to this year… if I can do more, great, but I’m not going to promise something that I cannot deliver.

So far I’ve been pulled in by these titles and hopefully, you will find something from these amazing authors and a really good publishing house to enjoy for yourself.

The Millers of Marietta by Elsa Winckler

  1. My Montana Valentine (January 30, 2023)
  2. A Match Made in Montana (June 29, 2023)
  3. Merry Christmas, Montana (October 23, 2023)

The Accidental Billionaire Cowboys by Kris Bock

  1. The Billionaire Cowboy’s Christmas
  2. Charming the Cowboy Billionaire (purchase)
  3. The Billionaire Cowboy’s Proposition (April 2023)