What Happens At The Ranch… by Christy Jeffries

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Their attraction is anything but by the book.

Looking after journalist Tessa King should have been a simple assignment for Secret Service agent Grayson Wyatt.

But a family tragedy, and a social media faux pas, force the vice president’s famous daughter to hide out at her family’s Wyoming ranch—and forces Grayson to play cowboy to blend in.

Their attraction breaks every protocol—and threatens to expose Tessa’s deepest secret. Worse, the media’s chasing a story that could put everything the couple is fighting for at risk…

Titles in the Twin Kings Ranch series includeWhat Happens At The Ranch… – Making Room for the Rancher (March 2021) –

Title:  What Happens at the Ranch…
Series:  Twin Kings Ranch #1
Author:  Christy Jeffries
Romance Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  January 1, 2021
Rating:  4 stars

What Happens at the Ranch… is the opening story in the Twin Kings Ranch series, and if the beginning is any indication this series is going to be a wild ride.  There is such a diversity of personalities at Tessa’s family ranch in Wyoming, some made me laugh out loud at their antics, others I frowned a bit with their attitude, yet all interesting to the point that I want to know more about them – and that’s a strong pull for me that when I find the secondary characters fascinating then I need to keep up with this series.

Tessa is a strong character, she’s had to overcome an event in her past and for the most part, has conquered it.  Yet, understandably, at her father’s funeral, she has a panic attack that brings her to her knees.  As the daughter of the Vice-President and a talk show host in her own right she cannot be seen showing any weakness – and how she’s reacting right now is a big one.  The last thing she wanted was to draw more attention to herself, but in doing his duty to protect Tessa, Secret Service Agent Grayson probably drew more attention to them both by his trained reactions and the aftermath when Tessa was in control again and not the least bit happy with Grayson (aka Agent Dreamy).

What follows are circumstances that will put Grayson and Tessa together a lot, a fact that neither is really comfortable with.  Stuck at the Twin Kings Ranch together, for the time being, will force both of them to take a good look at themselves, their actions, and even their attraction to each other.

I loved Grayson.  He’s dealing with a family issue, has been for years now, and the last thing he wants is to be stuck right where he is.  Sure, he’s attracted to the annoying Tessa but his guilt at not being with his sister and mother right now is affecting how he reacts to Tessa and her family.  He is the kind of hero that I fall for so easily, strong, stubborn but has a sense of honor and loyalty that nothing will get in the way of… not even his own love life (or lack of).

Watching these two people banter, argue, and slowly begin to understand each other was an emotional journey in many ways.  The “bad” guy wasn’t really bad as just out for his own interests and not afraid to make waves to push his own agenda.  For me, the callous Senator was just a blip to be overcome and forgotten so I could get back to the good stuff, the real love developing between Tessa and Grayson.  I adored so many members of Tessa’s family and want more of them.  Others, well, I’d like to discover why they are not so likable and see that resolved (which I’ve no doubt will be eventually).

In all, I had a very good time with Grayson and Tessa in What Happens at the Ranch… a great start to an intriguing series.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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