What New Beginnings Are Made Of by Debra Clopton

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New beginnings take courage…

She’s a fifty-five-year-old widow feeling like she’s lost herself.

On a whim of her aching heart, Alice McIntyre buys the Star Gazer Inn and is looking for a fresh start…something to put a spark back into her life.

But first, she has to tell her four sons, who have problems of their own but have smothered her with their protective instincts. She’s lived on the huge South Texas ranch just outside of Corpus Christi since their father carried her over the threshold. She’s raised them on the massive McIntyre Ranch—one of the largest, wealthiest in Texas. It’s been her home and theirs. Will they understand that it’s time for her to leave? Time for her to move on?

Jackson McIntyre is shocked by his mother’s announcement. Guilt-ridden in the aftermath of his father’s accident, Jackson is determined to do whatever it takes to help his mother find her way to move forward. But this new idea of hers has him reeling.

Nina lives next door to the inn and is living a quiet life, keeping a low profile. She has her reasons. Will the opening of the inn and her new neighbors, especially the oldest son of the new innkeeper, tempt her to step back into the light and out of the shadows of her past?

Lisa, Alice’s best friend, and recent divorcee has been traveling the world since the breakup that left her shaken and feeling just as lost as Alice. A brilliant cook with a flair for entertaining, she loves Alice’s idea and joins her to open the inn. But Lisa has her own secrets.

Can these two friends, and their new neighbor Nina, find fresh starts as they ready the Star Gazer Inn for its new beginning?

Will Nina find the courage to take one more chance on love with her new friend’s son?

Three women find friendship and courage on the shores of Corpus Christi Bay. Come visit the Star Gazer Inn, with a side trip to the McIntyre Ranch, as Alice finds her way between two worlds.

Series – Star Gazer Inn of Corpus Christi Bay = #1 What New Beginnings Are Made Of – #2 What Dreams Are Made Of – #3 What Hopes Are Made Of –

Title:  What New Beginnings Are Made Of
Series:  Star Gazer Inn of Corpus Christi Bay #1
Author:  Debra Clopton
Romance Genre:  Women’s Fiction, Seasoned Romance, Romance
Publication Date:  August 27, 2020
Star Rating:  5

What New Beginnings Are Made Of is the first story in the Star Gazer Inn of Corpus Christi Bay series, and it is an emotional tale on so many levels also spanning several Romance genres, so don’t think of this one as just “Women’s Fiction” – it’s so much more.

It’s been 18 months or so since Alice’s beloved husband passed away.  Although she has her four adult sons to give her comfort, they also are grieving.  The ranch that she and William built is thriving, successful, and now in the hands of her eldest son.  While she loves the ranch it’s also a source of pain as there are memories around every corner of happier times.  She’s made a decision, one that her sons may or may not truly understand – but it is what is right for her at this time in her life.  A new beginning, entirely on her own.  She has a future to chart and it begins at the inn where she and her husband met and fell in love… Star Gazer Inn.

As Alice begins the process of renovating, decorating, tending to the inn before its opening she’ll meet a younger woman who lives in a cottage nearby.  Nina keeps to herself for the most part, and she has good reasons for that.  Yet friendship is building between the women of two different generations for what is age but a number.

Soon another friend, Lisa, has decided to stop running from pain by traveling the world and come to the inn as the main chef and to be with her friend on this new adventure.

Three women, different generations, yet each has so much to offer in friendship to the others – and each still has a very full life ahead of them, as they all are about to discover.

I was captivated by What New Beginnings Are Made Of from the opening page until the final word… only to now begin the wait for the second title in this series.  To say that I loved these women, their stories, and the men who will perhaps be a part of their futures is an understatement.

I adored Jackson, Alice’s son.  He’s going through some guilt over his father’s death, but he couldn’t have saved him.  He’s settling into his new role at the ranch and worrying about his mom so far away, yet in reality, she’s close.  He didn’t expect the attraction to his mother’s new neighbor, Nina.  And they are about to enter into an adventure in rebuilding a life that took unexpected turns, and taking a risk on a happy future for them both… one day.

I also loved Seth and the future possibilities he holds for Alice.  This is one impressive handyman, and I’m enjoying what is developing between Alice and Seth.

In all, I was blown away by this story that touches on so many issues, one that offers hope for the future, takes a risk on emotions that might hurt, and gives a second chance for love to develop in time.  If you love a really good, emotional, funny, exasperating, family story then you’ll want to pick up What New Beginnings Are Made Of.

I own a Kindle edition of What New Beginnings Are Made Of.


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