Hi, I’m Marsha – owner, operator, general shenanigan master, and writer of blog posts for Happily Ever After Romance.

You “might” know me from my other book blogs – Keeper Bookshelf (general romance, all genres – NetGalley reviewer, lover of anything Romance – Shifter Haven (shifter romance only) – Paranormal-y Romantic (all paranormal romances across most paranormal genre)

You may be thinking, “Why so many different blogs when it’s all about romance?”  *sigh* This is an argument I have with my son (the computer genius and all-around “knower of the good stuff”) almost on a weekly basis.

Yes, I “could combine them all into Keeper Bookshelf“.  I could.  But I don’t want to and there is a reason behind that madness.  Each blog relates to a specific audience, some overlap but for the most part genre specific.  What might draw you to Shifter Haven might not draw you to Happily Ever After Romance… see my point?  So, I’m keeping them somewhat separate (with an occasional cross-over post) for as long as it works for my needs – when it doesn’t I’ll change.  🙂  Plus the fact that I have a humungous TBR of Doom to get read… I’m retired, can read all day & night if I want to, I’m a fast reader… so I could out read what I “should” be posting on a blog in one day.  So… for me, this works for now.

What you’ll find here at Happily Ever After Romance.  A lot (Lot) of Harlequins.  I have an acknowledged addiction to their romances.  Favorite authors of romance.  Brand-new-to-me authors through books I probably picked up through a “series starter no-cost book” at a vendor (most likely Amazon or Nook).  A few weekly events like Stacking the Shelves or Sunday Post.  And commentary (discussion) on things happening in the Romancelandia world.  I’m planning on joining some book tours (although I intend to be careful for some have had really bad publicity and actions lately).

In general, if you love Romance novels then there just might be something here to catch your attention or introduce you to a new author or genre.  I hope you’ll follow along on this Romantic journey of mine, the company is always welcomed.