Marietta, Montana

Marietta, Montana.  A few years ago, there was a time when the Marietta, Montana-based stories were a constant through Tule Publishing.  There were smaller offshoots from that base, even the Last Stand Texas line… but it all began in Marietta.  I fell in love with this “line,” a small town, a ranching community full of drama, interesting characters, and finding love with that just right person.  And often, the series would cross, and we’d see familiar faces here and there.  Then it became standard to see a few of those folks we read about when they had their love story.  It became a world, one that I, honestly, will never tire of and will always return to.

My original ode to Marietta, Montana, is on my website Keeper Bookshelf.  And if you have any interest in seeing how this world emerged, then go take a visit over there.  I won’t be moving all of those two pages long (very long) lists of series over here.  But they exist if you want to check them out.

We still get stories out of Marietta — and I’ll grab any I find as quickly as possible.

When I saw the ARC newsletter of what was coming out soon (release dates of September 2023), I realized that I’d like to continue the newer romances out of Marietta, Montana, listed here as well.  Mainly because we’ll be seeing a strong connection in those upcoming titles back to that original world… and I’d like to celebrate that.  And have a place here at Happily Ever After Romance that reflects my continuing love of this special world by listing the more current series as well.  I’ll start with what is coming, along with those connections of the earlier series that tie them all together, and then move on to listing the more recent releases (ones that I’ve reviewed here).  I hope you’ll discover some amazing romances to add to your own collection of “favorites” or perhaps be reminded to go visit old, familiar friends once again.

The 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo

Take Me Please, Cowboy by Jane Porter (The Calhouns & Campbels of Cold Canyon Ranch #1)

Tempt Me Please, Cowboy by Megan Crane (The Flint Brothers Take Montana #3) – Connection (The Greys of Montana)

Marry Me Please, Cowboy by Sinclair Jayne (The Coyote Cowboys of Montana #2)

Promise Me Please, Cowboy by CJ Carmichael

The Untold Story of Carol Bingley by Jane Hartley

The Calhouns & Campbels of Cold Canyon Ranch

Take Me Please, Cowboy by Jane Porter (The 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo #1)

The Flint Brothers Take Montana by Megan Crane

Tempt Me, Cowboy #1 (The 75th Copper Mountain Rodeo #1 & Montana Millionaires #1)

Please Me, Cowboy #2 (Montana Millionaires #2)

Tempt Me Please, Cowboy #3 (The 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo #2)

The Coyote Cowboys of Montana by Sinclair Jayne

The Cowboy’s Word

Marry Me Please, Cowboy (The 85th Copper Mountain Rodeo #3)

The Cowboy’s Christmas Homecoming

The Cowboy Charm

As you see, there are connections within The 85th Cooper Mountain Rodeo series — this part just shows you the connections (that I’m aware of) should you want to dive in a little bit deeper. 🙂

The Millers of Marietta by Elsa Winckler

  1. My Montana Valentine
  2. A Match Made in Montana
  3. Merry Christmas Montana