Back in the Greek Tycoon’s World by Justine Lewis

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It’s been years since they’ve seen each other…but their passion is hotter than ever. Will they rekindle their love under the Grecian sun? 

Can these star-crossed lovers…

ever be reunited?

Archaeologist Rose is thrilled to be working on a dig in Paxos. Until she discovers the land belongs to her ex— sinfully sexy businessman Alessandro!

As they rekindle their passion under the scorching Greek sun, Rose realizes she’ll never be part of his world.

For Rose, the land represents the past, and for Alessandro, it’s the future.

Is there a way they can each reach their heart’s desire together?

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Booksprout ARC

Title:  Back in the Greek Tycoon’s World
Series:  -Standalone-
Author:  Justine Lewis
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  July 25, 2023
Publisher:  Harlequin Romance
My Rating:  4.5

Back in the Greek Tycoon’s World is an emotionally intense, perhaps second-chance romance between two people who once deeply loved each other until tragedy struck one of their families and a decision was made by only one of them, and their lives took far different paths than what they’d once planned for.  Was it the wrong decision?  Frankly, whenever one partner makes a choice “for the good” of the other partner without telling them the facts… yes, in my opinion, that’s the wrong decision.  Everyone has the right to make their own choices in life, and loving someone doesn’t negate that fact.

Now Rose is in Greece and coming face to face with her past… and answers that she’s needed for years.  She and Alessandro will clash over the archeology dig that she’s heading, but it’s not only ancient history in the ground that will be discovered on this dig.  What happened in this couple’s past will be brought into the present, and, if they’re lucky, into their future as well.

I enjoyed Alessandro and Rose’s story so much.  And while I strongly disagree with Alessandro’s decision back then, it’s also easy to see why he made that choice for Rose.  He is so focused and so stubborn that I often wanted to just shake him up a bit.  His love for his niece and nephew shines throughout this story, yet what also shows is their love for their uncle.  Rose is stepping into a rather unique situation.  While she has to deal with their past, she also has to prove to Alessandro that the land they’re fighting over also has value beyond what he stubbornly sees on the surface.  Watching their battles, which weren’t always over the land, even though they often used that ruse, was like watching a light bulb turn on for them both, for different reasons.

I completely enjoyed myself… and frankly, I’d love to one day return and see what choices Alessandro’s nephew and niece have made as well.  Back in the Greek Tycoon’s World is a well-written, emotionally engaging, funny, sad, and delightful romance to allow yourself to get lost in for a few hours.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the author or author’s team via Booksprout, and I sincerely thank them for their trust. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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