Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion by Nina Singh

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Can a mistletoe kiss…

…heal the past?

When Zayn walks back into Izzy’s life, years after he was forced to walk out of it, she’s faced with the undeniable attraction that’s never faded.

Finding themselves co-owners of the vineyard that means so much to Izzy makes tensions run high! But then she’s seduced into a kiss under the Parisian Christmas lights…

Can Izzy find it in her heart to forgive the man who once broke it?

Title:  Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion
Series: —
Author:  Nina Singh
Romance Genre:  Harlequin Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  November 1, 2020
Star Rating:  4.5

Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion was such an easy story to fall into from the very start.  Zayn and Izzy were once a couple in love with a future ahead of them until it ended with Zayn leaving without a good reason, at least one he could give to Izzy.  They were still loosely connected through Zayn’s aunt who owned and ran the winery that Izzy eventually managed.  After his aunt’s death, they are now co-owners of that winery, and Zayn in his male superior attitude sees the chance to now make changes to the more casual, far more laid-back way that property has always been run.  And will continue in the same fashion if Izzy has her way.

There is much that Izzy is unaware of, facts that Zayn and his aunt knew.  So in some ways making them co-owners was his aunt’s way of making sure they kept a connection, that they had to work together.  Yet, Zayn’s attitude right now is to go in, make an offer Izzy cannot refuse, and buy out her half of the winery.  That is so not going to happen.  The result?  Two stubborn people with a past between them and an uncertain future ahead will have to find some ground to meet on… with unusual results.

There is more than that one big thing that Zayn is holding back information about, and as the story continues we learn more as that secondary situation gets worse on almost a daily basis.  There is a good reason why Zayn left.  Should Izzy have been told?  Oh, yes, no doubt in my mind – but she was young as was Zayn and they grew into different people than they would have if their love had continued on the same course years ago.  I’m also certain of that.

Watching the love that never, ever was far from each other’s thoughts strengthen, grow into something understood yet new was a fascinating experience.  There were moments when at the least I wanted to shake some sense into both of them – or sit them down for a stern conversation.  But book characters never listen to me anyway.

I had such an emotionally good time reading Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion.  Christmas in Paris, who wouldn’t love that?  A love that never died, past decisions to get beyond, acceptance of who each was today – all of that made for an emotional, funny, sad, enjoyable experience.

I fall in love with secondary characters just as much as, if not more than (at times) the main characters.  And it’s that thought that will have me checking Ms. Singh’s upcoming releases to see if Paula and Ethan ever open their eyes to each other.  Yeah.  I’m that kind of reader who wants a happy ending for everyone.  (Not that I wouldn’t simply buy any book she writes otherwise for I enjoy her style of storytelling very much… but I want to know about those two people in particular.)

I own an e-book edition of Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion.

Available in paperback or your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle


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