How to Win the Surgeon’s Heart by Tina Beckett

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Things are heating up…
…in their Caribbean paradise!

For Dr. Nate, work is everything. Without him, his renowned hospital wouldn’t exist!

Now he’s ready to step up to the plate—again!—as nearby St. Victoria Hospital faces a staff shortage.

Surgeon Sasha is beyond grateful for the help, but she’s not so sure about Nate…

Her heart’s been broken by wealthy and far-too-attractive men before! Can Nate prove to Sasha he’s different?

Titles in The Island Clinic multi-author series include — How to Win the Surgeon’s Heart by Tina Beckett – Caribbean Paradise, Miracle Family by Julie Danvers – The Princess and the Pediatrician by Annie O’Neil – Reunited with His Long-Lost Nurse by Charlotte Hawkes

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  How to Win the Surgeon’s Heart
Series:  The Island Clinic #1 (multi-author series)
Author:  Tina Beckett
Genre:  Medical Romance
Publication Date:  June 29, 2021
Rating:  4 stars

How to Win the Surgeon’s Heart begins the multi-author series (quartet) The Island Clinic with a story that quickly grabbed my attention in a surprising way along with all those just below the surface sexy tensions.

Sasha and Nate’s story begins with a glimpse into Nate’s past, one moment of intense heartbreak and the birth of the resolve that has made Nate the compassionate doctor he is today.  His vision, his dedication to that one goal for the small island where he’d had his own personal epiphany drew me in, got my emotions immediately involved, and pretty much kept Nate in the forefront as one incredible man who is far more than what one sees on the surface of his life.  Something that Sasha will soon learn.

Sasha.  She is such a combination of preconceived ideas that she holds onto like a lifeline, a compassionate, talented doctor/surgeon, a woman who has deep ties to the island and its community, and a woman falling for a man she cannot quite trust yet that isn’t stopping the intense attraction she’s feeling toward Nate.  She certainly isn’t happy about it and would ignore those urges if she could but there is something about this man that everyone at their respective hospitals holds in such high regard that she cannot ignore.  I liked Sasha and was equally frustrated by Sasha’s attitude.  Oh, I understood why she was reacting this way, I simply wanted her to get beyond the blinders she was wearing when it comes to seeing the real Nate behind his conceived wealth.

Each has a major event in their past that has created the people they are today in so many ways… good and bad.  And each reacted to those outside forces differently.  It was a pleasure to watch them make discovery after discovery about each other as their attraction only intensified.  I had a very good time with How to Win the Surgeon’s Heart.  It sets up the series (quartet) nicely with a solid story, an engaging couple full of smoldering sexual tensions, and deep personal emotional pain.  That’s a thin line to balance between and it was done with humor, compassion, attraction, and change… kind of like any relationship going through growing pains.  I don’t read a lot in the Harlequin Medical Romance genre, but I’m glad I took a chance on this story – and I’ll definitely continue the series (I’ve the next one downloaded ready to dive into soon).

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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